Established by Frances Merrill in 2009, Reath Design was founded to create immersive interiors that tell the story of their inhabitants and improve our experience of place. The studio’s work focuses on private residences, hotels, restaurants, and spaces for relaxation and leisure. We are interested in design’s impact on the private lives of individuals and families and believe that good design can improve our everyday life.


Our Design

Central to our design approach is our love of color, pattern and textiles and this is manifested in our desire to create spaces that are both warm and elegant. We believe that good design ages well and avoid short-lived trends in favor of timeless décor and wherever possible use personal artifacts to encapsulate a memory of emotion for our clients. We design spaces that feel lived in and that will further evolve and improve with time.


By not representing a particular era, movement or genre, we can work with many differing architectural styles and hope the specificity of our work will hold relevance to our clients for many years beyond its inception.